Basic rules

Floorball Rules​​​
The rules for Floorball are built on the premises of not using the stick to harm the opponent in any way. Despite the fact that Floorball is a fast sport, there are quite little injuries if you keep in mind the basic rules.

Floorball Basic Rules

  • The game is played with 3 to 5 field players and a goalie depending on the court size.
  • Teams consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 players.
  • Game is played with effective time 3 periods of 20 minutes, in some cases 3 x 15 minutes are used to fit the game inside the one hour limit.
  • A 50 cm high rink surrounds the field (look for hints if there is no rink, under Modifying the Facilities).
  • The goal size is 115 cm by 160 cm and in front of it is a crease (2.5 m by 1 m) where only the goalie can be although the ball may be played from there by a field player with a stick.
  • The goalkeeper area is 4 m by 5 m and this is the area in which the goalie may play normally. The goalkeeper has no stick.
  • The goalie must not hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and when throwing the ball, it must hit the floor before passing the centre line.
  • If the ball goes out of the rink/field the other team can continue play 1 meter away from the spot where the ball went out. If the ball goes out from the end, the other team continues from the corner spot.
  • When given a free hit, the opponent must be at least 3 meters away from the ball (sticks included).
  • The ball must not be played with the hands or head.
  • The ball may be played from the air if it is below the knee level.
  • No form of pushing or physically tackling the body is allowed, but you may play shoulder to shoulder.
  • Players may not play without a stick.
  • You are not allowed to jump and play the ball at the same time.
  • The ball may not be played if a hand or both knees are on the ground. (Only one knee is allowed).
  • Free shot or 2 minutes penalty is given when:
  • High sticking, hitting the opponents stick, playing the ball with hand or head, tackling, pushing, obstructing, throwing the stick, wrong distance in the free shot
  • A penalty shot is given if the foul is committed when the other player is trying to score from close to the goal